VICE PRINCIPALS: Danny McBride And Jody Hill Return To HBO

And the world was very into it.

Our television landscape is down one Eastbound and Down and we are a wounded culture for it. Not only was the show hilarious and occasionally poignant, but it also managed to pull off a fourth season that was somehow both completely superfluous and better than any season leading up to it.

But while we pour one out for Eastbound and Down, Danny McBride and Jody Hill lie waiting between our legs to drink up our sad offering and turn it into something new and beautiful. And by that I mean Variety reports that the two have a new HBO show.

This new eighteen episode series will be called Vice Principals and will focus on "the story of a high school and the vice principles who almost run it." That one sentence synopsis sounds kind of just okay, but with McBride and Hill involved, it could read "the story of a Pringles universe and the vice Pringles who almost eat it," and I'd still be ecstatic.

We do not yet know when Vice Principals will air, but with any luck HBO will time it just right for a True Detective cross-over.