Hulu May Try For Some COMMUNITY Season 6 Action

This zombie show, man.

Community died earlier this month. It struggled greatly through life, and while many found the death tragic, a great number of others viewed it as an act of mercy. Few shows have been through as much as this one. Its five years on air made even Les Stroud question the value of survival.

And now Deadline reports that Hulu is in talks to bring Community back to life again for a sixth season. This is not a done deal or anything, but both sides of the discussion want to see it work out.

As an immortal show that seeks death but cannot find her sweet embrace, Community has become less of a heartwarming meta sitcom and more of a fascinating thing to study from afar. If a sixth season were to happen, who would remain on the show? What would the show be about? And if they do make it to season six, the obvious next big push will be a movie. That's a whole different can of weird worms. I don't really love the show, but I enjoy the show the show's become.

I hope to see a nineteenth episode where only Jeff and Shirley remain, both fostering a will they-won't they romance while trying to understand their broken souls both as humans and as characters on a beloved web series. Or I hope to read the episode recaps, anyway.