Our manliest actor is Marvel's deadliest villain.

We've known for some time that Thanos is in Guardians of the Galaxy; James Gunn has said that Ronan the Accuser works for him, and a magazine profile of Kevin Feige had the Marvel honcho discussing the depiction of Thanos' rocket-powered throne with the director. But who would play the Mad Titan, a character whose goal is to slaughter as many living beings as possible in order to win favor with Death?

Thanos showed up at the end of The Avengers, but was silent. Some people took that silence and his big, beefy appearance to indicate that he wasn't much of a talker, which is why a lot of folks were convinced marble-mouthed Vin Diesel was playing the Titan. But Thanos is a real chatter, and he gives big speeches in the comics - and hopefully in the movies. Now, thanks to Latino Review, we know who will be delivering those speeches: Josh Brolin. 

Brolin has a great, deep voice that will sound incredible coming out of Thanos' craggy face. I hope he doesn't do too much of a character thing with it, that he just lets Thanos have his commanding vocal presence. 

What do you think? Are you excited to find out that Josh Brolin is probably the big bad guy in Avengers 3?