Adam McKay Is NOT Directing ANT-MAN

Whoa, this is unexpected.

Adam McKay pulled out of negotiations to direct Ant-Man this morning - basically at the last minute. As of last night it looked like it was a done deal that McKay would take over the project from Edgar Wright, but after sleeping on it, it appears he's had other thoughts. 

Which I guess means we're left with Ruben Fleischer and Rawson Thurber, who is still the guy who I think gets the job. Unless he's like, 'Fuck the job, you guys strung me along and also this project seems like it's doomed,' but he made We're the Millers so he'll probably direct anything. 

This is such a tortured turn of events. These sorts of things aren't all that uncommon when a movie is starting out, but it's the countdown clock attached to the project - Marvel still wants to make their July 2015 release date - that is making all of this dramatic. 

Maybe it's just time to let the dream of Ant-Man slip away. Rather than get a shooter in there to make an absolutely middling film (with a good cast and strong action beats) just let the project go. I've been wondering if Marvel wasn't trying to kill Ant-Man all along - this turn of events surely must make them kind of want to do that.