Japanese Rock ‘n’ Roll Legend Guitar Wolf Is In A New Movie

The WILD ZERO star has joined FONOTUNE, the new feature from a Fantastic Fest alum!

You guys have seen Wild Zero, right? Surely? If you haven't, rectify that: it's pretty much the most fun a human being can have sitting in front of a screen for 98 minutes. The film has its own drinking game (the DVD comes with a pop-up telling you when to drink, for rules such as "any time anyone combs their hair," "a head explodes," "fire shoots out of something" or "someone says ROCK AND ROLL!"), but it doesn't really need a game or booze to be a complete blast. The drinking game just adds to the manifest delight that is Wild Zero.

And a huge part of Wild Zero's entertainment value is due to an incredible (as in, nearly impossible to believe) performance from Guitar Wolf, a garage rock power trio made up of Guitar Wolf Seiji, Bass Wolf U.G. and Drum Wolf Toru. 

Guitar Wolf Seiji has joined his first feature film since 1999's Wild Zero alongside Visitor Q's Kazushi Watanabe, and this is big news. And the film, writer/director Fabian Huebner's Fonotune, just so happens to be the next project from producer and Fantastic Fest 2013 alum Catherine Morawitz, whose giallo short Yellow really blew FF audiences away last year. Here's a trailer for Yellow:

And here's a trailer and a little more info about Fonotune:

Directed by German filmmaker Fabian Huebner (avant*garde and Visiting Uwe), Fonotune blends the cinema of Japan with a comic book and modern graphic design aesthetic to produce a visually striking electric fairytale reminiscent of Daft Punk’s Electroma and George Lucas’ THX-­1138.

Set during a single strange day in an undefined time and place, Fonotune follows the drifter Mono (Huebner), teenage street hooker Stereo (Yamashita Yuho), and lo-­fi cowboy Analog (Watanabe Kazushi) on an epic odyssey through an apocalyptic urban landscape to deliver some mysterious cassettes to the enigmatic rocker Blitz (Guitar Wolf Seiji).

With photography in Japan and Berlin already completed, Fonotune expects to wrap production in summer 2014, with a release in early 2015.

So that's a lot of reasons to be excited about a movie. Fonotune is already half-finished with production, but the filmmakers need a little extra financial push for the final shoot. Check out their Kickstarter, which includes some really cool perks. 

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