SHERLOCK Season Three Is On Netflix Instant Right Now

To watch it you only need to solve a series of insane riddles and be handsome.

For those of us who don't have televisions, don't want to illegally download content, missed Sherlock season three when it streamed on PBS's website, don't actually want to buy the episodes, have beautiful blonde hair, and want to like Ulysses but just can't get into that shit, there is finally hope: You can watch Sherlock season three on Netflix Instant. Still no help on Ulysses, though. And if you've already seen the episodes, you can still find good stuff in the form of three behind the scenes documentaries as sort of a Netflix bonus feature.

This was announced the other day, but who cares about Sherlock season three hitting Netflix in the future? We report only on things that are happening right now. To that end, next I'm posting a trailer for Maleficent. That's also something you can watch today.

As for Sherlock season three, I actually only watched the first episode. I thought I liked it, but evidence indicates that maybe I wasn't as into it as I originally thought. Otherwise I probably would have watched the other two. Or at least one of them.

I feel like others have been having issues with the season as well. Perhaps if you watch it, you can sound off on its merits or its opposite of merits in the comments below.