STAR WARS VII Adds Big Practical Monster

Set pictures surface revealing lots of Tattooine. 

What a difference a big practical monster makes. People were all sighing and moaning about yet another return to Tattooine just a few weeks ago, but now the internet is abuzz with excitement. Yes, that's a cool - and very Star Wars-y - monster. He's still on Tattooine.

Somebody's getting fired from Star Wars because a ton of spy pictures popped up on TMZ, revealing all sorts of practical sets and notably Star Wars designs. All of which, to these eyes, look more Prequel than OT, but who can know. I like the giant monster, but I must admit that seeing images of super-familiar Tattooine stuff doesn't make me terribly excited, especially as what I want to see if a new movie, not a rehash of favorite elements from the originals. 

You know what's going to get me excited about Star Wars Episode VII? Well, nothing, because I've been through this FOUR TIMES previously, but maybe a bit of info about the story or word from someone who has read the script. I don't doubt this movie will look good and be filled with thrilling action - it's a JJ Abrams movie and that describes all of them (which will make it better than the last three by a country mile, of course) - I just don't believe it's going to be particularly well-written or smart or anything.

Click here to see all of TMZ's pictures.