STAR WARS VII Adds Lupita Nyong’o And Gwendoline Christie

Brienne of Tarth and the Oscar winning star of 12 YEARS A SLAVE help kill the boy's club atmosphere of the STAR WARS sequel.

Great news: there are more women in Star Wars Episode VII. Since JJ Abrams is continuing to play the Mystery Box with the movie we don't know a single thing about the roles themselves, but we know the actresses: Lupita Nyong'o and Gwendoline Christie have joined the cast. 

Nyong'o had been rumored for a long time; she won an Oscar for 12 Years A Slave and has been a pundit favorite for a while. Meanwhile Gwendoline Christie is Brienne of Tarth on Game of Thrones, a terrific role where she's become a fan favorite.

Is either bit of casting a reaction to the uproar that met the initial casting announcement? Probably not Nyong'o - she's been tipped to be in the movie forever (which means I'm not sure why she wasn't announced a month ago) - but perhaps Christie's role was gender-swapped. That would be really cool if that was the case.