Great New LEGO Ideas Concept Focuses On Awesome Ladies

Not Michael Bay-approved at all.

LEGO has this "LEGO Ideas" thing where people can submit ideas for new LEGO sets. Ideas that win 10,000 "likes" or something like "likes," next go on to a voting process that decides whether or not they can someday become real toys. When we hear about them it's usually because someone came up with the genius idea for a LEGO Back to the Future or Human Centipede set. This story is different!

The idea we're talking about now has to do with a LEGO concept which focuses on a set of female mini-figures. But these are not any regular female mini-figures. They are not dressed like housewives or secretaries, nor do they have a special hinge that gives them twerking abilities or anything like that. This is a set of LEGO female scientists. Doing science. In science-appropriate attire.

There's a paleontologist, a chemist, and an astronomer. If I understand the above video correctly, and I'm not confident that I do, this set was deemed more badass than a wide span of geeky licensed concepts (almost a parody of them, really), which is seriously great. Even if that's not the case, the existence of these toys is seriously great enough.

This should be hitting stores in August. It will be called the LEGO Research Institute so look out for it.