Jordan Vogt-Roberts Could Direct METAL GEAR SOLID

The KINGS OF SUMMER helmer may be hiding under a cardboard box soon.

This is surprising news: Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who directed the wonderful coming-of-age film Kings of Summer, is in talks to direct the Metal Gear Solid movie for Sony and - ack! - Avi Arad. Vogt-Roberts has always had a scrappy sensibility, and I didn't foresee him heading into blockbusters. 

But if he's going to take a blockbuster, this is a good one for him to tackle because it's based on a pretty ridiculous game series (and also because Vogt-Roberts plays games for reals). I don't even know what exactly the plot of the Metal Gear games are, and I've played most of them. I mean, I know that the game has Solid Snake coming out of retirement to infiltrate a base and find the evil villain whose name is actually Big Boss and stop him from using a new mech suit called the Metal Gear, and along the way Snake has to fight dudes with names like Revolver Ocelot and Psycho Mantis and stuff like that, but none of that captures the absolute weirdness of the game. It's short on sense but long on story, believe it or not, and it offers many opportunities for your character to hide inside a cardboard box. 

There's no writer on it, and I don't know how Vogt-Roberts plans to replicate that part of the game where you have to unplug your controller, but I do hope that this movie captures the truly odd feel of these games, which are one part stealth excitement, one part absolutely over-the-top soap opera.

In the immortal words of Metal Gear Solid:

Snake! Snaaaaaaake!