Now There’s A Millennium Falcon STAR WARS VII Set Photo Too

Proof that the ship you expected to see will in fact be present and practical.

Jeez, are we seriously going to do this every day? I don't know if I can take it.

Those lovable rascals at TMZ are totally killing it with Star Wars set photos, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone ends up killing them in return. This could be the incident that finally breaks the Celebrity-TMZ conflict into an actual war. You can photograph Cameron Diaz picking her nose, but you do not mess with JJ Abrams' secrets. Unless they have a special partnership going on here.

Yesterday TMZ brought us pictures of a big Space Hippo that got everyone excited. Today it's photos of The Millennium Falcon, which I'm surprised still runs. So, in short, these photos confirm that the film will feature probably the series' most iconic ship and that, for at least one shot, anyway, it will be a large practical effect. JJ Abrams wants to purchase your affection.

I do have to admit, however, that these practical effect photos have awaken a real curiosity within me for this new Star Wars stuff. I'm now very eager to watch it and see how well Abrams mimics old school genre filmmaking in this new era. I'm not banking on it being good or anything, so I feel it's still a healthy relationship.

Head to TMZ to see the rest of the photos. They aren't all of the Millennium Falcon. There are also photos of an unnamed spaceship. And Space Hippo shows up again as well.