This Trailer For MADE IN AMERICA May Turn You From A Smartass To A Moved Ass

Moved Ass: Someone who cries and dances simultaneously.

When you think about directors best suited for a somewhat politically-edged concert documentary featuring a ton of both critically sound and commercially popular musical groups, the obvious first name on that list has to be Ron Howard. And now he's finally fulfilled that destiny.

Howard's Made in America focuses on Jay Z's huge Made in America festival, which - judging from this trailer - featured names like Jay Z, Run D.M.Z., Skrillex, and Pearl Jam. Everyone's super optimistic and having a good time. I went into this trailer thinking I was going to make fun of it. But now I'm a believer and really want to see the movie.

I'll tell you what I like most. First, Jay Z. This guy's one of the kings of hip-hop, yet every time I see him speak he strikes me as a massive nerd in a totally endearing way. And speaking of endearing, I'm also super fond of how much Ron Howard appears on screen in this trailer. I hope he really is in the movie that much, just hanging out and/or trying to figure out how to listen to Dubstep. And finally, I really enjoy the way the trailer's final title card looks like it reads: "Jay Z Made in Ron Howard America."

The film will hit theaters this summer (July 22 to be exact). It will probably make a great double feature with Transformers 4.