Josh Trank To Direct Another STAR WARS Standalone Film

A found footage Sith movie, perhaps? (No)

Just when we're all settling down from the pig monster leak from Episode VII up and makes a new announcement: Josh Trank has signed on to direct a Star Wars standalone movie. 

Which movie? Who knows. When will it happen? Unclear. But it's Trank and it's Star Wars and it's outside the main sequel trilogy. 

Trank directed Chronicle, which ended up surprising everybody by being great; he was courted by all the studios to do their tentpoles - I know Sony really wanted him for Venom - before settling on the Fantastic Four reboot, which has lurched forward into shooting just recently. Does this mean he won't be back for FF2? Or does Trank intend to cleanse his palate after this blockbuster with another blockbuster?

The big question we now must have about the standalone Star Wars films - one of which will also be directed by Godzilla helmer Gareth Edwards - is what they'll feel like. Are they going to be allowed to be weird, autonomous adventures on the periphery of the Star Wars aesthetic, or are these guys all going to be forced to fit into a mold dictated by the other seven films?

The other big question is whether we'll find out who is shooting the third standalone film soon. I'm assuming, schedules as they are, that Trank's film would be slated for the 2018 slot. That leaves the 2020 standalone film to be yet decided. 

Actually the other big question is when Lucasfilm will announce who these standalone movies are about. Since they seem to be moving forward on all of them now they must have the sequence planned out. My uneducated guess: Trank gets the young Han Solo movie.