THE GIVER Trailer: Now With More Meryl Streep

What the fuck does Jeff Bridges have in his mouth, you guys?

Though I really am getting tired of the dystopian young adult novel thing, I have to admit that The Giver looks like a fairly legit iteration of the tired setting. A mumble-mouthed Jeff Bridges seems cool as The Giver, and Meryl Streep looks interesting as the villainous Taker-Awayer. I'm not really sure about the kids, though. They seem okay. They pretty much always just seem okay.

This does appear to offer an interesting future world. I'm especially fond of its future bikes. The black and white thing is cool, and the novel's kind of a classic rather than one of these young bucks that pops up and acts like it owns the damn place. Going by the trailer's music, the main kid gets addicted to heroin at some point, and I like that as well.

My absolute favorite thing going on here, however, is the way Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep both appear to have the hair of twelve year olds. That's the kind of left field decision I can really get behind. Maybe this is one worth looking forward to.

We'll find out if this is for real or not when The Giver opens on August 15.