There May Be An Interesting THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN Remake On The Horizon

For Denzel Washington-Antoine Fuqua fans, anyway.

I'm okay with some movies being remade over and over again. The Magnificent Seven, or really The Seven Samurai, is one of those movies. It's just a perfect action movie story template that I never get tired of.

According to Deadline, we may have a new Magnificent Seven on the way, and it could be pretty interesting. MGM is apparently in talks with Denzel Washington to star in the film with Washington pal Antoine Fuqua to direct. Those are the only two names thus far, but if they get locked in place I imagine we'd soon see an exciting cast come together behind them. There'd have to be six other people, and some of them get to be all kinds of goofy. This would be a period rendition, taking place after the Civil War.

I am something of a Fuqua fanqua, especially when he's hanging out with Denzel Washington (their next collaboration, The Equalizer, is supposed to be really good). So to me, this is all super exciting news. I hope it comes to pass in this fashion rather than fall apart into something starring Christian Slater and directed by Stephen Sommers (actually, I wouldn't kick that out of bed either).