Bill Watterson Briefly Returns To The Comic Strip World

Next let's get on solving world hunger.

Everyone loves Calvin and Hobbes, and most of us know Bill Watterson as a reclusive figure who seems to have no problem peacefully retiring from publishing. There's even a documentary on the guy.

So it's kind of amazing that after almost two decades of silence Bill Watterson has briefly emerged back into the world of comic strips. The artist helped draw panels for three of Stephan Pastis' Pearls Before Swine strip. You can read the incredible story of how this happen from Pastis himself here. And you really should. Goofy as it sounds, this is one of those great heartfelt stories that really nails the power of positive thinking and the idea of going for something that by all accounts would seem impossible. And it's way shorter than Forrest Gump.

As for the comic itself, it's great. I'm not at all familiar with Pearls Before Swine, and though I read a ton of it as a kid, I don't have too much emotion tied up with Calvin and Hobbes or Bill Watterson as a person. But even I enjoy seeing his work again: