Peyton Reed To Direct, Adam McKay To Write ANT-MAN

That's an unexpected conclusion to the saga.

The Ant-Man saga draws to a close - or at least the director hunt portion does. Peyton Reed has signed on to direct, and Adam McKay will be fixing the latest script. Obviously the best outcome of this all would have been Edgar Wright making his movie, but if Marvel must go ahead without Wright then... well, this is a really good situation.

Peyton Reed has serious - and I mean serious - comedy bona fides. His most recent film is Yes Man, but he also directed the classic Bring It On, and before that he directed a ton of episodes of Mr. Show With Bob and David as well the Upright Citizens Brigade series. Reed's also a for real geek who gets the material. Meanwhile having McKay come through the script and punch up the jokes can only be a boon. I understand that the post-Wright script, while retaining Wright's basic structure, was filled with clanging and too-often faddishly topical jokes. 

Reed will probably be forced to work with Wright's action previz, and he's going to be in the unenviable position of making a movie that, should it be good, the quality will be laid at the feet of another filmmaker. But I do believe that this is a movie that can be fucked up, and that not just any filmmaker can get Ant-Man across the finish line in good shape. I have faith that Peyton Reed is a filmmaker who can get it done. 

How fucked up is this whole situation? If this movie had been announced as being Reed/McKay from day one we'd all be dancing in the streets with excitement. That's how good this hiring is.