Comedy Central Grants REVIEW A Second Season

More massively depressing Andy Daly comedy on the way!

If you haven't seen the first season of Andy Daly's Comedy Central show, Review, than you have in your future a very dark but hilarious journey to enjoy, should you accept it. Today brings us word that enough people accepted it to justify another.

Deadline reports that Review has been renewed for a second season. This is slightly more newsworthy than, say, the renewal of the equally awesome Inside Amy Schumer - which also happened - as that show seems to have a pretty solid fan base going with critical acclaim to match. Review was kind of on the cusp. We didn't know if it was going to come back or not. Now we do!

For those that don't know, Review is a show where Andy Daly plays a gung-ho television personality named Forrest MacNeil who must review viewer-chosen life experiences, no matter how destructive they might be to his personal life. And they are all very destructive to his personal life. It's a remake of an Australian show I haven't seen. G'Day, mate!

The show's key worth comes from Daly himself and his ability to force enthusiasm regardless of whatever horrific fate crosses his path. It's not always a fun show, but it's usually pretty funny. I highly recommend getting caught up before season two hits.