LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS Gets A Far Too Serious Trailer

Fear the 'Chaun. If you can.

Well, they're going for it. This new WWE Leprechaun movie isn't fucking around with camp. It wants us to be scared of a leprechaun. I applaud the nerve it takes to go with this angle. I also think the movie is going to be all the more hilarious for it.

You can see the signs all over this trailer (which doesn't show us Dylan "Hornswoggle" Postl's leprechaun character, by the way). You have the unfriendly locals, the remote location, the jackass kids… it's almost like a parody, which would be great if it were intentional. Maybe it is intentional. But the bits where some unseen entity is laying waste to heavy structures while people scream in terror argue otherwise. That thing is a leprechaun. About yay tall. It speaks in cute rhymes.

I really don't want to go all-in on giving this movie shit. Leprechaun: Origins could be a really fun reboot without giving any of that away in the trailers. I'm just not sure why they would do that. We'll all find out when the film hits VOD on August 26 and Blu-ray on September 30. I'm putting the trailer below due to an overabundance of EW nonsense surrounding the player.