And Now Gamora Gets Her GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Character Poster

It is, predictably, awesome.

Of all the Guardians of the Galaxy characters, Gamora is the one I understand the least. This is partly due to the fact that I don't know any of them comic-wise, but also because her "thing" is the hardest to sum up with an image (unless her "thing" is simply that she's a lady, which happily reminds me of this). She looks slightly alien and majorly badass. That's about all I got.

But this character poster really makes me want to figure out her deal. I love the color scheme in the poster. I think it's blue, but I have that nagging suspicion everyone will tell me it's purple. It's pretty either way. As for Gamora, I'm loving her smart-ass smirk. It kind of speaks to the wiseacre tone this movie has been displaying so far.

Guardians of the Galaxy comes out August 1. More posters will come out this week. I will strive to find something to say about each of them, goddammit.