Ed Harris (And Death) Rides A Horse In This FRONTERA Trailer

It's a bad idea to shoot Ed Harris' wife.

It's been a long, hard road, but I can finally take Michael Pena seriously in dramatic roles. That's good because otherwise, Frontera might look a little silly.

The story, which looks like a western in photos and more of a crime drama in action, focuses on Ed Harris' hunt to find out who really shot his wife. Everyone thinks it was Michael Pena. But that shit don't fly in the Court of Harris. Someone did the deed and set poor Pena up as the patsy. And Ed Harris is going to find out who.

Sounds great. And judging from this trailer, looks great too! Sometimes you need to sit back and watch rustic American nobility do its work against a massive conspiracy. For nights like that, it looks like Frontera may have you covered.

Frontera hits VOD on July 31, followed by a theatrical run starting September 5. The title, I believe, is French for "Frontier."