The Shaggin’ Wagon Returns In This Goofy DUMB AND DUMBER TO Poster

Not really sure what to think about this one.

Do you, like me, keep forgetting there's a Dumb and Dumber sequel coming out this year? If so perhaps this poster will help.

What we have here is a weirdly photoshopped image of Harry and Lloyd driving their iconic dog van, the Shaggin' Wagon, very fast over a hill and probably to their demise. They are happy about it. Because they are dumb.

Normally, such a goofy poster might indicate bad omens for the film. But Dumb and Dumber To had some test screenings not too long ago, and the early word was surprisingly positive. I hope that's the case. I want to see Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey shamelessly flex their immature comedy muscles again. Not sure I need the dog van to come back though. If I understand correctly, even Sea Bass is returning.

November 14 is the day. I guess I will be there. How about you? We'll supposedly get a trailer tonight.