Watch This Anti-Redskins Commercial

The National Congress of American Indians speaks out on the sports team's name.

Every now and again I see something about the Washington Redskins and I feel like a time traveler - am I still in the year 2014? Because how can there be a football team with a name like 'Redskins' in the year 2014? It's not even like the team can pretend they're named after sunburn or apples - their logo is a Native American dude. 

I don't watch a lot of* sports, so I won't see this commercial when it airs tonight during Game 3 of the NBA finals, which means I'm glad I saw it online today. This ad was intended to run during the Super Bowl, but the NFL wouldn't air it, so the National Congress of American Indians bought air time in seven major markets during the big game tonight (which I think is happening as I publish this). It's a well done ad, if a leaning a little treacly... but I think you can go treacly when the message is 'Hey, can you stop using a racial slur for my people as your fucking team name?'

* any at all