Only Regular Trolls Would Miss Out On This THE BOXTROLLS Trailer

Regular trolls are way less adorable.

It's always exciting when a new stop-motion animation movie comes out, and right now the big one we have to anticipate is The Boxtrolls, the new offering from Laika, the studio responsible for Coraline and ParaNorman, two movies a lot of people adore.

The concept here appears to revolve around trolls who wear boxes on their torsos, into which they can vacuum themselves at a moments notice, thus allowing them to go unseen around people-folk. They are basically a cuter, more likable version of Solid Snake.

At some point they find themselves stuck raising a human boy. And now the time has come for him to un-Boxtroll himself and reenter human civilization. Complicating matters is the bad guy from Wild Wild West and his campaign to wipe all Boxtrolls out forever.

Sounds like a movie! The techniques that go into making a modern stop-motion animation feature are wonderful to take in regardless of the movie they serve, but it's extra nice when the movie is good too. If we can use Coraline and ParaNorman as signs of The Boxtrolls' quality, it should be a good time both ways.

The Boxtrolls comes out in America on September 26, but UK viewers can see it a bit earlier starting September 12.