Star-Lord’s Gun And Drax’s Butt Get Their GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Posters

Nice gun, better butt.

Well, they wrapped this up a bit faster than I expected. Today brings us not one new Guardians of the Galaxy character poster, but two. Maybe they knew the Star-Lord one was too boring to release on its own.

And it is boring. Not in and of itself necessarily, but because it's basically the same Star-Lord shot we saw in the last big Guardians of the Galaxy poster. I don't think it's just the nerdy 13 year old girl in me when I call that totes lame.

But then there's Drax!

Drax has all kinds of cool alien tattoo action going on. His knives look scary. And he's nice enough to make sure we can all see his butt, which kind of seems droopy and old thanks to his superhero pants. I don't know when this ugly, demeaning objectification of the male body will end, but I hope it doesn't happen any time soon.