The Alamo Drafthouse Has Banned Google Glass

Sorry, glassholes.

Alamo Drafthouse founder and CEO Tim League has announced the theater's latest initiative to make moviegoing better - they're banning Google Glass. You'll be able to wear your dumb Glass in the door, but once the movie starts you have to take it off. Said Tim:

“Google Glass did some early demos here in Austin and I tried them out personally. At that time, I recognized the potential piracy problem that they present for cinemas. I decided to put off a decision until we started seeing them in the theater, and that started happening this month.” 

As of now Google Glass couldn't record a whole movie, but there's no reason that couldn't change quite soon. 

I like this ban on a different level - it's about making the Drafthouse a place where you go to see movies, not a place where you're constantly checking your email or Twitter. If you don't want to watch a movie, go to a different movie theater - there are plenty in every market where there's a Drafthouse. Tim League remains dedicated to keeping his theaters a haven for serious movie lovers, for people who want distraction-free viewing. That's aside from the deep disdain I hold - as do all decent people - for Google Glass, a device that destroys trust and privacy. 

For those who will be sure to raise a stink in the comments: the Alamo Drafthouse is a private business, and as such they're allowed to ban anything from Google Glass to sneakers to wide-brimmed hats. The absurdly small number of people wearing Google Glass can happily go to another theater, where they probably also allow texting and talking during the feature.