This Music Video For Mastodon’s HIGH ROAD Is Nerdy And Awesome

And the song's not bad, either.

I am already a medium-sized fan of Mastodon, but even if I weren't, this music video would be the kind of thing I'd want to share. This is a good twenty times better than watching Paul McCartney fall in love with a robot.

I'd rather you just watch it than waste time telling you everything that happens. I would definitely recommend you stay until the very end, though, as that's kind of the best part (but only because of all the stuff you see getting there, so you can't just skip to the end, either). It's basically a mix between Zero Charisma and Rocky, and I love it.

Mastodon's upcoming album, Once More 'Round the Sun, comes out June 24. Apparently you can pre-order it now using Bitcoin.