Check Out These Bryce-ome And Pratt-tastic Photos From JURASSIC WORLD

Chris Pratt appears to be our new macho superstar.

Jurassic World comes out in a year. Like, a year from today we will be arguing over it and possibly distributing memes from the film all over the Internet.

That's kind of a long time to sit around anticipating a film, especially a film as cool sounding as this. Luckily, today we have some fun new photos to help tide us over. There are three. The one above is a photo of Chris Pratt in full on handsome rogue mode.

Next is this shot of Bryce Dallas Howard in full on pretty lady getting wooed by Chris Pratt mode. Also: Chris Pratt's back, which does include a knife, verifying some long standing rumors once and for all.

And finally, we have two youngsters. They included this picture to help remind us that even though this movie has trained raptors fighting a genetically mutated super T-Rex, there will still be annoying things to dislike.

Cannot wait.