New Rumor Claims To Reveal EPISODE 7’s Villains

And 'spoils' the general plot of the Sequel Trilogy.

Anybody interested in Star Wars news? Too bad. 

Actually, this news is interesting, which is why I'm running it, and it has just enough plausibility that I don't feel dumb running it. At least half of it has plausibility; the other half I'm not sold on. Let's start with the plausible half (and this could be spoilers, depending on how lame you are about spoilers):

According to MakingStarWars, a site to whom I give the benefit of the doubt, Adam Driver and Lupita Nyong'o will be playing "Jedi Hunters," and according to the site they sound a lot like The Inquisitor from the new Star Wars Rebels cartoon. The Jedi Hunters use lightsabers, and they've been possibly fighting Jedi for a long time - 30 years, perhaps. According to the site's sources they're the reason no New Republic has risen after the events of Return of The Jedi, which is interesting - has the galaxy just been in turmoil for thirty years?

The Jedi Hunters are assisted by troopers, who are dressed in black and chrome armor that looks Imperial. Lupita Nyong'o is rumored to be wearing yellow contact lenses for her role as a Jedi Hunter, and David Oyelowo is being rumored as the third villain, but only as a voice. This apparently lines up with the actor being cast in Star Wars Rebels.

All of that sounds pretty reasonable to me, and MakingStarWars is very quick to point out this is scuttlebutt they're hearing from people who work at Pinewood. Some of this is likely noise mixed into signal - rumors spread quickly in situations like this, and people jump to conclusions. And none of the site's sources have read the script, which makes this next part the bit that makes me skeptical:

The bad guys have a goal: The resurrection of the Sith and it “sounds like it happens in the next film” meaning Episode VIII and “I guess they kill him (said resurrected Sith) in IX.”

This is where I'm not so certain. It makes a certain kind of sense, but having the bad guys trying to bring an ancient evil back to life just sounds so un-Star Wars to me (main universe. Hold your EU thoughts to yourself!), and what's worse it makes Episode 7 sound like a prequel to the rest of the trilogy. I like the structure of the previous trilogies, where the first film is, in many ways, a self-contained story. You could just leave it at the end and be pretty much satisfied. 

What do you think? Does this information sound plausible? And do you like it?

via Slashfilm