Our Prayers Are Answered With A Gay Themed FATHER OF THE BRIDE 3

Steve Martin is back to make that sad-face again!

Hey man, movies die if they can't find a way to keep up with the times. We are currently in a gay marriage era. Gay marriages are simply exploding all over the place. People love it. How can we capitalize on this with a movie? I mean, not just a movie, but a franchise people know and love. Do we have any of those that revolve around marriage? Oh yeah! Father of the Bride! If we can't get Steve Martin, surely we can get Martin Short. Talk to legal about having his name changed to Steve Martin Short. People won't care if he's suddenly the dad now.

Oh, we can get Steve Martin. Great. So he had a son in the first film, right? Let's just say he did, and he was whatever age he'd have to be then to be whatever age he needs to be now. Was he played by Jake Gyllenhaal? That was City Slickers? Are you sure? Was Steve Martin in City Slickers? No? Then I think you are mistaken. It was Jake Gyllenhall. See if we can get Jake Gyllenhaal.

He should marry, like, a big hunky muscle man. How about a Navy SEAL? Sounds good.

So. Steve Martin freaks out about money while his son gets married to a big hunky Navy SEAL. We're all set. This is going to make a billion dollars.