The POINT BREAK Remake Is Going To Have A Girl In It

What hope is there for any of us when even Lori Petty is replaceable?

This Point Break remake sounds worse and worse. It really wasn't all the compelling when Gerard Butler was still involved, and it's only become less so since he departed. I like that Ray Winstone is going to be in it, but even he seems a little boring and safe when compared to someone like Gary Busey.

At least today brings the film another well-known face in the form of Teresa Palmer. Even if you didn't see her Warm Bodies, she's going to seem familiar simply because she looks so much like Kristen Stewart. Deadline is calling her the "Female Lead," so I have to assume she's taking the Lori Petty part as that is the only lady I can remember from the original film, unless you count Mother Nature or Anthony Kiedis.

Point Break will begin filming June 26. It's shooting all over the place - Germany, Austria, Italy, Mexico, India, Venezuela, and French Polynesia. But only on green screen sound stages.