The Tricky Part About Covering STAR WARS Rumors

It's Schrodinger's Movie Rumor - everything is possible until the movie opens.

Making Star Wars ran a rumor about the villains of Star Wars Episode VII. debunked it. Latino Review backs up some of it*. 

This is the dance of covering Star Wars Episode VII. Any rumor can be true. Any debunking - official or otherwise - could be a lie. It's how the JJ Abrams Mystery Box distorts the entire process of reporting on this movie. In the shadow of Star Trek Into Darkness, where Abrams and his cast repeatedly denied Khan being in the film, we simply cannot trust anything from official sources except for explicit announcements - ie, "This is the who John Boyega is playing" as opposed to "No, John Boyega is not playing that role." It makes it hard for 'journalists' like me and fans like you.

Of course everybody could just stop covering Star Wars rumors, but you've clicked through onto this one, which is why we cover it. There's so much interest that ignoring rumors is self-defeating. I like to get hits on my website, as they help me keep it open. I'm writing about this right now rather than the new Woody Allen poster because I know this will get hits and possibly social media shares; the Woody Allen poster will get no hits and a couple of funny comments. I'm not whining, I'm simply talking about reality, and explaining why 'Don't run Star Wars rumors' isn't a particularly feasible choice for a site like this one, which leans heavily on geek stuff. 

What this means for Badass Digest is that we'll try to run Star Wars rumors that seem fairly reasonable and/or fall in line with what I've heard from my sources. But it also means we're probably going to ignore most debunkings of rumors, because they're even harder to believe than the original rumor itself. And this is going to be the status quo for the next year and a half, because interest will remain high and information will remain guarded and obfuscated.

In the meantime, I believe that the Latino Review article is closest to reality, although I also think that article doesn't give the actual premise of the movie, just some flavor on who the bad guys are. I also think that JJ Abrams and company are paying attention; I've heard that the Gwendoline Christie role was originally intended for a man but was gender-swapped at some point, possibly after the online outcry about Episode VII's sausage factory first cast photo. 

We'll try to bring you the best information out there, but in the meantime remember that all rumors and all debunkings should be looked at skeptically. If you want a fan-favorite franchise that's playing fair and fun, look to Jurassic World instead. 

* my own sources back up some of it as well, and many of the same things Latino Review has heard, including the black and chrome storm troopers and Lupita Nyong'o as a villain.