UPDATED! AMC Gets A Little Crazy Regarding BETTER CALL SAUL

Well, there's good news and bad news.

I'm still among those looking forward to AMC's Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Call Saul. It's not for any healthy reason, really. I just love Bob Odenkirk.

It's been a weird day for us Better Call Saul pre-fans, however. In a really pure example of a time when one could accurately use the whole "I got good news and bad news" bit, AMC has pushed the show back from November of this year to early 2015. That's the bad news. Unless you pre-hate the show.

But AMC has also renewed the show for a second, thirteen-episode season. So that's the good news. Unless you pre-hate the show. This whole thing counts as a "I got good news and bad news" situation whether you're a pre-fan or pre-hater, so everyone who reads this should be equally balanced by the news. You are welcome.

UPDATE: Hey! There's a first image! I would have included it earlier, but I didn't realize it was new! I thought it was regular-old old! It looks like this: