Drunken Tattoos & Dunking: Elijah Wood Sells Conan O’Brien On Fantastic Fest

Fantastic Fest regular Elijah Wood tells Conan all about this year's closing party, and why he ended up wet in his underwear.

Have you been to Fantastic Fest? You should come. It happens every September in Austin, Texas, and it's the best week of my life. Not only is the fest filled with amazing, weird, gross, cool, offensive, shocking, funny, sweet, ugly, odd and very good movies, the entire atmosphere is like summer camp for movie nerds. We hang out, we drink, we box, we get dunked in dunk tanks, we get tatttoos. 

Last night Elijah Wood hit the Conan O'Brien show and talked about his experiences at the closing night party of last year's Fantastic Fest, which saw him getting dunked as well as getting a free tattoo. Pretty much all the regulars and staff agreed on the same tattoo this year (it's a new tradition - free tattoos at closing night), and so a bunch of us have matching firecracker tats. 

Here we are as tattoo bros

And here's a better shot of the tattoo. It's so fresh here - it's already begun to fade. Maybe I can get it touched up when I get the new free tattoo this year. 

This year it's the tenth anniversary, so I expect it to be great and crazy and fun. Fantastic Fest is September 18-25th, and it looks like it's going to be back at South Lamar after a year away. For more info, click here. You really gotta come to this. Elijah says so.