John Lithgow And Alfred Molina Finally Tie The Knot In This LOVE IS STRANGE Trailer

So glad they finally got to make it happen.

Some movies look sappy and emotionally manipulative and it's easy to just turn away and say "no thank you." Some movies look sappy and emotionally manipulative and you still want to see them anyway. Love is Strange might be the latter kind of movie. For me anyway. That's just the power of a bearded John Lithgow.

Love is Strange is a Sundance film that tells the story of two guys who finally get married after many years together. But one of them works at a church, so he gets fired. The two can't afford their New Yawk apartment and have to live apart for a while. It looks like the kind of movie where everyone's sad and poignant all the time.

But that's not all. It also has THIS:

That's Darren E. Burrows from Cry-Baby! Or Ed from Northern Exposure if you prefer. Haven't seen him in a while. Nice to - Oh, wait. Nevermind. That's just Marisa Tomei. My bad.

Love is Strange opens in NY and LA but just NY and LA August 22.