Spoilers? The Villain Of ANT-MAN Is…

Which Marvel character will Ant-Man battle? The answer could surprise you.

I honestly don't know if this counts as a spoiler - it's definitely the kind of stuff that will be revealed very early in toys and shit, and I don't think there's a story reveal or anything. But I'm putting a spoiler warning just for the very sensitive.

Yesterday JoBlo had some news about Ant-Man, including a description of the villain's costume, a suit of armor they described as black and yellow. I waited to see if anyone would pick up on that color scheme and what it meant, but I don't think anyone did. So I guess I'll tell you:

The villain in Ant-Man is Yellowjacket. You'll note that this is way outside of the comic canon, as Ant-Man Hank Pym himself was Yellowjacket for a while - he had a bunch of different super-identities, with Yellowjacket being one of the edgier ones. This doesn't mean Hank Pym is the villain (as many have speculated in the past), as he won't be in the suit. Pym is much more of a mentor to Scott Lang in this film. 

It's an interesting repurposing of existing Marvel IP, and I suppose it makes sense - it's unlikely the Marvel Cinematic Universe will ever use the different Hank Pym identities, so why not use one of them for this movie and have it be a villain? Yellowjacket was Pym's identity when he famously beat his wife, and that iteration of Pym is pretty much the 'multiple personality disorder' version of him, so having Yellowjacket be a villain makes... some sense? 

Basically this is one of the bigger divergences Marvel is making from their comic canon, and I suspect the only fans who will really care will dislike the change. Most of the audience simply won't give a shit about Yellowjacket's history - they could call the villain Tiny Terror and it would all be the same (well, except Tiny Terror is a bad name. Or a great name, depending on the story you're telling, I guess). 

A note on the other stuff in the JoBlo story: Some of it is news to me, and perhaps reflects changes Adam McKay is making (or are just wrong). Darren Cross is definitely the industrialist villain... but will it be him in the Yellowjacket suit?

What do you think? Do you like having Yellowjacket be a villain in the Ant-Man film? Or do you wish Marvel had saved that identity for future heroics?