Could STAR WARS EPISODE VII Get Pushed To 2016?

Harrison Ford's injury may delay the whole thing by quite a bit.

It's rumormill time. Jedi News is reporting that an emergency meeting took place at Pinewood Studios early this morning, with the fate of Star Wars Episode VII as the subject. According to the site Harrison Ford's broken leg will keep him out of the movie for six months, which is a huge problem because Han Solo is pretty much the lead of this movie. He's aiding our new characters on a quest across the galaxy, and while that means he could be sitting in the cockpit of the Falcon a whole bunch, he'll need to be doing some other stuff along the way. It's possible the movie could undergo major rewrites to minimize Han's role, but who knows what they've shot and if there's any way to make that work. 

Hopefully some official news will come from the production soon; the slow rollout of info about Ford's injury has been weird, starting with the spin that he hurt his ankle and eventually coming to the reveal that he seriously broke his leg. I wonder how much of that slow reveal was honest ignorance of a situation in flux versus scrambling attempts to keep the lid on the story.

If the shoot is delayed that means JJ Abrams finally gets that May 2016 release date he wanted. Star Wars will return home to its original berth.