Our Daily Trailer: THE ROAD WARRIOR

We kick off Post-Apocalyptic week with one of the greatest action films ever made.

In honor of Snowpiercer's upcoming release (finally!) we are going full on post-apocalyptic this week - as far as Our Daily Trailer goes, anyway. We have not yet decided if we're going to almost blow up the world or not. Stay tuned.

My pick may be typical to a fault, but it's one of my favorite movies ever, so I don't mind. Few action movies can match The Road Warrior for stoic, fat-free badassery. We get a lot of movies with big hearted heroes who only look like anti-heroes, but few of them only look like an anti-hero as well as Max. Even when he becomes a big softie at the end, I still think he'd be just as happy shooting me in the face.

From a kitschy historical perspective, this trailer kicks all kind of ass. The voice over rules, it basically tells the entire story, and I'm pretty sure Lord Humungus has a different voice saying different lines than in the real movie. But from any other perspective, it's actually kind of a shitty trailer.

So let's stick with the kitsch! If nothing else, it makes me want to watch the movie again right now. I'm like that 80% of the time anyway, but seeing this trailer made it kind of an order.

Regarding the end of the world stuff, one of my favorite things about the Mad Max series is how little it cares to explain things. When The Road Warrior begins, all kinds of crazy shit has clearly gone down since the end of the first Mad Max, but the details are an afterthought. Similarly, there's a good amount of social development on display in the span between The Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome. But who gives a shit? We came to watch an angry Australian drive like a maniac. We don't need a history lesson. It'll be interesting to see if Fury Road, the new Mad Max film, keeps with this motif or bows to modern storytelling's demand for over-explanations.