THE PURGE: ANARCHY Trailer Puts A Punisher In A Most Dangerous Game

Frank Grillo looks like a real badass in this unexpected sequel.

The original The Purge really sucked basically because it wasted a great scifi premise on a shitty by-the-numbers home invasion movie. The Purge: Anarchy looks to fix that by using the scifi premise against the backdrop of The Most Dangerous Game, a story where people are hunted by the rich for pleasure. And just to make sure that this one is better than the last, The Purge: Anarchy trades out Ethan Hawke for Frank Grillo basically playing The Punisher.

I like this new trailer, although the filmmaking problems with the first movie were so profound that I worry this, while improved on paper, will also be terrible. We'll see. 

A side note: people have complained about the premise of the movie, about regular folks getting stranded out in the open just as the annual Purge begins. Yeah, they made a dumb choice, but look at every predictable natural disaster in history and you'll see people stubbornly going about their business, refusing to leave their homes or just plain being way too late in their evacuations. What some commenters have decried as dumb I look at as a pretty realistic example of the human condition.