Brad Pitt Is Also Feeling Blue In This Awesome FURY Trailer

This will not be a feel good, happy fun time movie.

I love an acting performance anchored around some kind of weird vocal affectation, especially ones created by Brad Pitt. So it brings me great pleasure to present this trailer for David Ayer's Fury, in which Brad Pitt speaks as though he were a robot. That's how much war sucks.

Seriously though, this movie looks intense. Just watching the trailer filled me with a strong amount of tension and dread. I don't know shit, so this isn't a spoiler, but I don't think these guys are going to make it out of the movie alive. Well, maybe mustached Shia LaBeef.

David Ayer is good with masculine camaraderie, he is good with pulp, and he is good with violence. Will he also be good with award-sized, serious drama? We'll have to wait until November to find out.