Jon Favreau’s THE JUNGLE BOOK Movie Gets Some Ben Kingsley Action

This film's Bagheera will be classy as heck.

Jon Favreau's live action/animated version of The Jungle Book already has a pretty good cast going. Idris Elba is voicing Shere Khan, Kaa (that's the python) is going to sound like Scarlett Johansson, and Lupita Nyong'o will supply the voice for Rakcha, Mogwi's wolf mom.

That's some class. And now it gets better. Ben Kingsley will supply the voice for Mogwi's panther pal, Bagheera. Panthers are not lions, so I am unable to make a Kingsly of the Jungle pun, and it rips me up inside.

Still, this is developing into an interesting project. Disney's The Jungle Book will get a massive 3D release on October 9, 2015. If the summer leading up to it doesn't kill us all, that is.