Shane Black Claims His PREDATOR Reboot Will Actually Be A Sequel

Fingers crossed on this one.

So yesterday the Internet announced that Shane Black would be making a Predator reboot. And we were all like "Yay, Shane Black (and writer Fred Dekker)" but we were also like "Boo, reboots!" Maybe now we can just stick to the "Yay, Shane Black (and writer Fred Dekker)" part.

Collider spoke with Shane Black today, and while nothing is certain in this crazy Hollywood world, the director claims his Predator will be an "inventive sequel" rather than a reboot.

This is good news! Why? Well, we won't have to watch the same badasses in the jungle story again (do we even have that many fun badasses anymore?). We're going to get something that would aim to, according to Black, get some milage out of the series' rather thin mythos. And no one's going to try to redesign the Predator look. All things I like. All assumptions, too, but I'm going positive on this one. If nothing else, the best case scenario for this film just got a lot better.