It’s Official: PACIFIC RIM 2 In 2017, Animated Series Coming First

Guillermo del Toro makes the announcement.

According to Guillermo del Toro, speaking on the official Legendary Entertainment YouTube channel, Pacific Rim 2 is happening. He's developing it with original writer Travis Beacham and Zack Penn, who is currently adapting Ready Player One. What's more, PacRim 2 will be preceded by an animated series, cementing that this is the new franchise for young geeks.

For those of us who really loved the first film this is great news. For those of you who hated the first one - well, you don't have to go see it! It'll all be okay. I find most people who really disliked Pacific Rim tend to be people who aren't huge fans of Guillermo del Toro. Those of us who find that Guillermo's work speaks to us on a fundamental level seem to be much more tuned in with what he was doing in Pacific Rim. That's not a huge surprise, and it's always been the case with Guillermo, whose deeply personal and unique work has often divided audiences. I've even seen people complain about his films that are acknowledged masterpieces, like Pan's Labyrinth. He's not always hitting all quadrants, and what kind of art should be? 

Well, blockbuster art maybe. But Pacific Rim has appealed to enough people around the globe and has created a robust fanbase - the first Pacific Rim convention was held earlier this year! - to make it profitable to bring the whole world of kaijus and Jaegers back for more. It's the animated series that seems most interesting; while I'm not the target audience for a cartoon I think that format will allow Guillermo big freedom to explore this world he's been creating. And since this is certainly a property that has children in mind, a cartoon is perfect.

Pacific Rim 2 will be a Universal movie, I'm guessing, as Legendary set up shop there. Universal likes being in the Guillermo del Toro business, so this is good news. And maybe this leads to GdT and Universal reviving the classic Universal Monsters in an Avengers-like shared universe. I would plotz.