Scoot McNairy Gets Mystery BATMAN V SUPERMAN Role

Whose JUSTICE will he find this DAWN?

While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice*is currently shooting that doesn't mean it can't still be adding actors - especially as the movie will shoot back to back with Justice League, so anyone they bring in now could be a bit part in this film and a more major role in the coming team movie.

The latest hire is Scoot McNairy, an actor whose name means both quality acting and that you should move down a little bit so your sister can sit next to you. Scoot! Scoot!

Who will he play? Unknown! I'm going to say Max Lord, a guy who put together a couple of iterations of the Justice League, and I'm saying that based on absolutely no knowledge whatsoever, it's just a 100% uneducated guess. McNairy's a for-real character actor, which means he could do almost any sort of role the movie requires, from a villainous henchman to a heroic assistant. I feel like I'm pigeonholing McNairy in support roles, but I bet he could also be a hero on his own as well. 

I guess this is where you weigh in with your own fancasting. That's what we do now, right? Talk about movie commercials and fancast. This is Movie Internet, 2014.

* the actual title of the movie, not a joke I am making about the sorry state of movie titles.

McNairy photo by Collin Stark.