THE GUEST Teaser: Don’t Invite Dan Stevens In

YOU'RE NEXT's Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett team up again.

Devin saw The Guest at Sundance and loved it; here's an excerpt: 

The Guest is enjoyable as a fun, muscular action movie about a super soldier gone terribly wrong and wreaking havoc in the lives of an unsuspecting family. The Guest is spectacular as an entry in the canon of films quietly using genre as a delivery system for smart social critique.

The film is from You're Next director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett, which should be pedigree enough to warrant our support, but it also has a great cast: Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens is giving me the sexiest wiggins in this teaser, and he's joined by Cheap Thrills' Ethan Embry, great-in-everything Lance Reddick, vet actress Sheila Kelley and John Dies at the End's Chase Williamson. The film looks riveting and energetic and I want it in front of my face right now. Unfortunately, a U.S. release hasn't been announced yet (it played at South By but I missed it), but as soon as I can catch The Guest, you can trust that I will.