Announcing The July Issue Of BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH.!

This July, we're going to 11. 

We're excited to announce our July issue of Birth.Movies.Death. - the All-Spinal Tap Issue, in honor of the Alamo Drafthouse's month of musical programming!

From our Editor-in-Chief, one Mr. Devin Faraci: 

Some comedies age poorly, their jokes turning into vinegar. Some comedies have their sharp edges dulled by repetition. Some comedies are good once and immediately forgettable thereafter.

THIS IS SPINAL TAP is not some comedies.

This month in BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH. we’re turning our attention solely to THIS IS SPINAL TAP. We have an in-depth appreciation of the movie, a list of real-life rock stupidity that inspired the film (yes, this list goes to 11) and even a long-awaited review of the Tap classic album SHARK SANDWICH (you may recall that in the movie the record gets a memorable two word review).

We also turn our attention to things peripheral to the Tap: we look at BAD NEWS, the little-seen British heavy metal mockumentary that was produced at the same time as THIS IS SPINAL TAP. We invite you to lick our love pump as we look at rockers who have crossed over to the composer side of the coin. And we try -- try so very hard! -- to find the silver lining in director Rob Reiner’s later output.

By the way, the Alamo Drafthouse is celebrating music in movies all month long, so while we’re plowing through THIS IS SPINAL TAP’s beanfield on this sex farm, make sure to check out the other listings for movies that’ll make you sing, like A HARD DAY’S NIGHT, HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, GIMME SHELTER, PITCH PERFECT and VELVET GOLDMINE.

You can read the July issue of Birth.Movies.Death. online HERE, or pick up a hard copy at your neighborhood Alamo. And learn more about the programming for the month and get tickets at the following links: 

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