Friendly, Hunky Dracula Punches Armies In This DRACULA UNTOLD Trailer

Let the Charles Dance-Luke Evans slashfic begin!

When I, Frankenstein surpassed Avatar's legendary box office numbers earlier this year, it was inevitable we'd get an onslaught of these new takes on old monsters. So now here comes Dracula Untold.

It looks like we're finally going to get to know the REAL Dracula, a tragic hero who gave up mortality to save his people. Until now his story was not been told. It's still untold. As soon as you see the movie, it's actually called Dracula Told. Because for you the story has now been told. It is no longer untold. In fact, now that we've seen the trailer, which gives away the origin, you could say it's already half-told. So, Dracula Half-Told it is. Unless you skipped the trailer.

Luke Evans plays Vlad Tepes (aka Dracula!) and Charles Dance plays some kind of rat, I think. He's Dracula's vampire dad. He gives Dracula the ability to punch armies with clouds of bats and stuff like that. My dad's pretty cool, but he never did that. I like him anyway.

Dracula Half-Told comes out October 17.