RUMOR: BOND 24 Delayed As Last-Minute Rewrites Begin

If this is actual news, it's not the good kind.

British readers, help me out: is the Daily Mail still 100% full of shit or do they actually run real news? If it’s the former, I feel bad being part of the problem, because the UK rag has just dropped a bombshell, and here I am sharing it: longtime Bond screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade are reportedly being brought in to do a last minute rewrite on the Bond 24 script in light of what an anonymous source calls “polite turmoil” (the only kind of turmoil I would expect from a Bond production).

Though the source claims Purvis and Wade are being brought in to “punch up” some gags and interplay between Bond and new supporting characters M and Moneypenny, this rewrite is apparently pushing the start date back to December. That sounds odd, no?

My understanding is that Purvis and Wade were always the structure guys, and other writers tend to come in after them to bat cleanup and fix dialogue. It’s a little odd that the inverse is happening here.

That’s all I got. Here’s a cool picture of an Aston Martin concept car!