Alternate ZERO THEOREM Teaser Poster Leaks!

You'll probably never see this wonderful design for the new Terry Gilliam in your local theater. 

This poster for Zero Theorem, the new Terry Gilliam movie, is pretty great, but  you'll never see it hanging in a theater. The butt on display more or less makes that a done deal. Which is too bad, because this is just such a cool, evocative image that looks unlike anything else you see advertising movies. 

Gilliam has called Zero Theorem the final film in a trilogy that includes Brazil and 12 Monkeys, and it stars Christoph Waltz as a genius computer scientist who invents a program to find out if life has any meaning. I bet it only gets weirder. 

I haven't seen Zero Theorem myself, but it looks like I'll have a chance August 19th, which is when it hits VOD. I may wait for September 19th, when it goes theatrical - I feel like Gilliam films demand the big screen.