AMERICAN GODS And Bryan Fuller Are Gonna Be Starz

The oft-almost book adaptation might actually become a real boy this time.

It's been a long, hard road getting Neil Gaiman's American Gods onto television screens. For the longest time it was supposed to be an HBO show. Everyone seemed pretty excited, but it was up and down. Last month was a pretty big down, and HBO passed on the show totally.

But now there's a whole new deal for American Gods. The show will now be developed as a Starz series lead by Bryan Fuller and Michael Green. Will this cause problems for Fuller since he's also in charge of NBC's Hannibal? Who knows!

For fans of the book, however, this should be pretty exciting. If you aren't familiar with American Gods, it's a novel where a bunch of old school Gods have to do battle with new, technologically superior upstart Gods. So, like, the Radio Serial God and the Smucker's Jelly God have to fight the Internet Meme God and the Kanye West God and stuff like that. I may be oversimplifying it a bit, but that's the basic idea. It's also been a while since I read the novel.

Actually, the more time passes, the less this book seems like the genre classic it once was. Is this an adaptation you're dying to see? Let us know in the comments of a completely different article.